Smudge Stick

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Small California White Sage bundles for smudging. These are a practical 3-4 inch size. Also known as Grandfather Sage, this bundle is lit on the end like an incense stick. The smoldering herb produces a pungent, very purifying smoke. Made in Baja California, Mexico by the Cochimi Tribe.

California Sage (Salvia apiana) is NOT the same Sage used in cooking. So don't try burning culinary Sage (also known as Garden Sage, Salvia officinalis instead, because it smells really quite bad when burned! Here in the Southwest there is also a Native landscaping tree/shrub which is called Texas Sage or Purple Sage. The leaves look very similar to the aromatic White Sage, but it smells even worse than Garden Sage when burned!

There is another plant called "Sage" "Perfume Sage" "Mount Shasta Sage" or "New Mexico Sage" and these are not Salvias at all, but several species of the genus Artemisia. This is also bundled for burning as smudge, and is sweeter and feminine in nature. Let me know if you would like to get this in smudge stick form.

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