Happiness Room Spray

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Happiness Room Spray has the same uplifting blend of essential oils found in my Happiness magick oil. It contains essential and infused oils known to combat depression and promote levity. It includes true Neroli and Catnip essential oils. Happiness oil is made on either the Friday or Sunday following the New Moon. It uses Elemental correspondences of Air and a bit of Fire, and Planetary correspondences of Sun and Venus. I use the number Eleven in this formula, to bring Angelic and Higher Self resonances to this blend.

This is a product which does best with frequent reapplication, since the floral and crown chakra scents tend to volatilize quicker than more Earth element scents. Happiness room spray, and happiness rituals in general should be used on an everyday, ongoing, long-term basis, since happiness is a mindset and daily practice. If you “work out” your happiness muscles, they will become stronger. The pleasant smell of Happiness spray will hopefully make this practice something to look forward to!

Room sprays are alcohol based and are VERY strong. Do not get the spray in your eyes or breathe it in directly.