Season Cycle Astrology - Sun, Planet, and Asteroid Meanings

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The season cycle astrological readings provide in depth analysis of the energies that contribute to the traditional astrological associations along with readings for the transit cycles of the Sun, planets, and asteroids. For every Sun sign you will receive an overview of the sign that includes element, modality, and planetary influences as well as tarot associations, analysis of the Chaldean decans, and a look at the relationship with the sister sign. Planetary transits will be looked at through the lens of retrogrades and sign transits. 

Readings are written at an beginners level to provide a basic understanding of astrological meaning. The Moon Oracle transit readings are recommended for intermediate level astrologers. To receive all Astrological readings for a discounted rate please see the Master's Astrologer Reading subscription. 

All readings are written by Natural Magick Cooperative member Datura Oak. 

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