Kids' Spell to Drive Monsters Out of the Closet

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Children can be very sensitive to residual energies, and stagnant "chi." I believe that this stagnant chi energy is perceived, and where an adult might simply feel uncomfortable in a room, a child will experience monsters or demons, have nightmares and night terrors. These fears almost always center around unused or underutilized places, like closets, basements, and under-the-bed spaces. This spell teaches children an important lesson: that they have the power to take charge of their own fears and living spaces, to re-create them into harmonious environments.

Please note: this spell can be used by adults just as effectively.

Best performed on a sunny Sunday during the waxing moon. This spell is designed to treat a spooky closet, but can be easily adapted for under the bed, attic, or anywhere there is a problem with monsters. Since a lit smudge stick and candle are involved, adult supervision is required.

This spell kit includes:
baby smudge stick

white candle

Protection oil

three bells on red cord

protection herbs

sachet cloth and cord

Not included:

one special stuffed animal, especially a bear, lion, or tiger, something FIERCE!

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