Spell to Change Your Luck

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NOTE: The spell kits are now being packaged in ornamental wooden cigar boxes, not these round brie boxes. Photos will be updated soon. They have all the same components.

The Change Your Luck Spell is really two spells in one. The first procedures are devoted to Uncrossing, Unhexing, and Releasing. This part is best performed in the Waning Moon, especially just before the Dark Moon. Then you proceed to magick of Luck and Blessing for your future. Ideally, it should be performed during the Waxing Moon, especially just after the New Moon. This spell kit has instructions and everything you need to execute the spell.

For the first part I include Uncrossing Oil for this part, but check out the description for Dark Moon Oil and see if it might apply better to your situation, and I'd be happy to substitute.

Good Luck and Serendipity is the natural state of being. It is also a conscious choice and Act of Will. Very seldom, almost never! is "Bad Luck" the result of someone else's curse or hex. With this spell I invite you to release Blame, Victimhood and Powerlessnes, and reclaim your natural birthright to declare your own destiny.

This spell kit includes:

Uncrossing oil

Lucky oil

Purification bath herbs

Lucky bath herbs

black votive candle

yellow, green, and orange candles

Good Luck mojo kit

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