Spell to Overcome a Bad Habit or Addiction

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NOTE: The spell kits are now being packaged in ornamental wooden cigar boxes, not these round brie boxes. Photos will be updated soon. They have all the same components.

Spell to Overcome a Bad Habit or Addiction is adapted from a spell written by Scott Cunningham. I used a version of it when I quit smoking cigarettes, and I found it to be quite liberating. This spell kit has instructions and everything you need to execute the spell.

I believe that many folks will find that spell work is very effective as a part of self-treatment for addictions and negative behavior patterns. Essentially you are taking control of your own mind, and spell work and ritual speak to and from a very deep part of our psyche, where the addictive principals reside. In this case you are literally transferring your addiction or bad habit from your body and projecting it onto a piece of artwork, (an exorcism of sorts) where it can delivered from your soul. Ideally this spell is to be performed during a rainstorm, during the waning moon. (Or you can adapt it to do in the shower.)

This spell kit includes:

Banishing oil

Blessing oil

two white mini-candles

one black mini candle

fluorite stone

water colors

water color paper