Rabbit oil

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Rabbit is a totem of swiftness, fertility, and camouflage. It is a spirit of joy and freedom. The rabbit knows when to be so still as to be invisible, crypsis, and when to move so quickly nobody knows where he went!

Rabbit oil by Natural Magick Shop smells very gentle, because Rabbit is a shy and peaceable creature. It has grassy green and earthy notes for the meadows and warrens of Rabbit's joy, and a few ingredients to convey the sheer wildness of the Rabbit spirit. Wild Vervain adds the scent of swiftness that is the Rabbit's sudden sprint. This fades quickly and settles back down to a sweet stillness.

Rabbit oil has many inspirations: my sweet Muse for this product, Daryl; the Moon card in my friend Monica Knighton's The Stolen Child Tarot, one of my favorite childhood books, Watership Down, the Ostara season and my childhood stuffed Rabbits that attended it, and the rabbits that have been in my community garden, watching me weed only two feet away! As I invented this oil, I am helping trap/relocate these wild cottontail bunnies that are rapidly populating my urban community garden! Bunny bunny bunny!"