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Welcome the Fool, the number 0 of the Tarot Major Arcana. As a collector (NOT a reader!) of Tarot, the 0 card is of course one of my holy icons, and the Rider-Waite imagery is persistently as challenging an image as any recent interpretation. Most of my life has been spent with the Fool on this trusting precipice, so tonight (April 1, 2013) I launch, without having the resources, formula, or raw materials, having just bought but not set up a printer that can hopefully handle the imagery, the Tarot line of Spirit Guide oils, beginning with The Fool. It smells, if you can imagine, fresh and unusual, adventurous and dangerous, while still being comfortable with wherever and whoever we find Ourselves to Be.

Natural Magick Spirit Guide oils are made with reverence and research to be pleasing devotional blends for the animals or beings they are named for. I research legend and lore, and try to use oils of plants that represent the guide, what it does and what it smells like. The Natural Magick process of using planetary and elemental influences, correspondence, and high quality ingredients is especially appropriate for invoking the nature of your guide.

Spirit Guide oils are not made as fakey perfumes with marketable names. Fox really does smell wild and clever, Bear is somber and impressive, Angel is ethereal and bright, Dragon smells like smoke and scales.

Anoint yourself to attune to your totem, or pour into offering bowls or aromatherapy lamps, or anoint statues or fetish objects.These oils are in beautiful round 1/2 ounce bottles, blended in 100% coconut and/or jojoba oil, so with any care they should last a very long time. They are priced according to the ingredients most resembling the guide so named.