Uncrossing oil

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Uncrossing oil contains four powerful anti-hex essential oils to remove crossed conditions, whether by curse, haunting, or unfortunate, unlucky circumstances. DO NOT ANOlNT YOURSELF WlTH THlS OlL! lt is for getting negative influences away from yourself. (Besides, it doesn't smell very good.) Focus herb: Angelica root or Rue sprig

Use a cotton swab to apply Uncrossing oil to a candle, or make the sign of uncrossing on any place associated with a curse or hex, or on your front doorstep. The sign of uncrossing is like an X, but each stroke is made from the center of the X outward, so as to "undo" the crossed circumstances. I draw each stroke in a counterclockwise direction, since counterclockwise is the direction of unmaking. When I make the stroke from the center to upper left, I recite "Undone the cross." Next make the stroke from the center to the bottom left and say, "Undone the charm." Now, make the stroke from the center of the X to the bottom right, saying "Undone the hex." Finally, from the center to the upper right, say "Undone the harm." I often say this spell four times rapidly: "Undone the cross, undone the charm, undone the hex, undone the harm," or in a set of four times four, sixteen. Each of the "roads" or pathways leading out from the center of the crossroads is a way for the bad energy to leave your life.

Uncrossing oil can also be poured onto cursed objects before proper disposal. If you find a doll representing yourself or someone in your household, or if any other obvious bad magick item is left for you to find, do not touch it. Pour either Uncrossing oil or pure Rue essential oil on it, then use wooden sticks or any nonmetallic, nonconductive tool to pick it up and put it in the trash.

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