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Cute, affordable, and just as ritually/magickally crafted as the jewelry-grade wood/wire/stone wands, these Copper wands are an all-purpose ceremonial tool. They are only made on Wednesdays in the Waxing Moon, and never during Mercury Retrograde. Wednesday is ruled by the Planet/God Mercury/Hermes, who accordingly rules over the crafting of magickal tools, especially Wands.

I striate the Copper tubing that forms the body of the wand with sandpaper, all in only one direction, to give the Wand an upward/outward directional polarity, the better for carrying your Intentions into the Universe towards manifestation. It mimics the vascular/directional tissue which occurs naturally in Wood-manufacture wands. I am pretty sure it also gets the electrons of the copper all excited and running in the right direction, because as I sand them, they start feeling all "buzzy" in my hands.

Like my Wood wands, there is no glue used in the construction of these Copper wands. Glue is totally the wrong stuff for wands, since it is sticky, non-directional, unorganized matter, whereas for a wand you want the upward/outward directionality. Instead, the Copper wire holds the Swarovski crystals (high-quality jewelry glass beads) together, coiled and stretched, with just dynamic tension (still love you Tim Curry!), which I theorize further energizes the wand.

I make these in long (a bit over 13 inches) and short (6 1/2 to 7 inches) and in different colors of topstone. The bottom stone is always black. I keep these in good stock usually, but if you care, give me a couple of color choices in your order note. In the photo, the colors are, from top down: Zircon Blue, Light Rose, Erinite Green, White Opal (now unavailable), Sunflower Yellow, Tanzanite Purple AB, Hyacinth Orange, Crystal Clear AB, Light Siam Red, and Chrysoprase Opal. I don't always have every color in both sizes, so if I don't have what you ask for, I will send something similar.