Yule Mulling Spice

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Yule Mulling Spice is a fairly traditional holiday mulling spice mix, which tastes great in either red wine or apple cider/apple juice. When it is brewing on the stovetop, there is no doubt that it is the holidays! Redolent with cheering, warming Allspice, Cinnamon, and Star Anise, you'll want Yule Mulling Spice for any occasion from Thanksgiving til the weather gets warm. 

I can, just for the asking, also label this as "Christmas Mulling Spice" or "Holiday Mulling Spice" according to how you and yours celebrate the holidays.

Many recipes for mulled wine have you heat the wine with the spices and this cooks off the alcohol. If you want to preserve the punch in your wine, simmer up a strong tea of the Yule Mulling blend (use about one heaping tablespoon per cup of water, and brew about one cup of water per two mugs of wine) in water first, then add the wine. Gently heat the wine until just hot, not simmering. Unless the wine you use is already quite sweet, add about a teaspoon of sugar per mug of wine. You can let the spices swim around free in the brew, and strain as you pour into mugs, or you can use a very large teaball to contain the spices. Don't worry much about proportions, this recipe is very forgiving. Eventually you will have Your Way of brewing Yule Mulling Spice, but I've tried it many different ways with very good results. 

This blend also works well with the cold/hot brewing technique. You can just add a half ounce (about 1/4 of the package) to a regular sized bottle of wine or a quart of apple juice. (You will have to pour off a small amount to make room. Offer this to the Winter Faeries if you like!) Or you can put half a package into a gallon jug of apple juice or wine and cold brew (steep) in the fridge for up to 48 hours before a party or gathering. Then heat and serve. Again, any way you do it is going to taste quite good and smell wonderful! 

Instructions for preparing this brew are on the package label.