Banishing, Uncrossing and Exorcism Magick

Banishing and Exorcism magick, the need to get it gone! Any competent practitioner will find occasion to perform these operations from time to time. Banishing and exorcism are more powerful forms of purification and cleansing, used to rid ourselves of especially unwelcome "house guests" and malevolent energies, thoughtforms, spirits, even people. Sometimes we just need to exorcise our own bad attitudes as well. Banishing and Exorcism can be done by Force of Will alone, but it does help to have potions to help, because I don't know about you, but sometimes I can just tend to be too nice to do the job on my own. 

Almost all these formulations depend on the Elemental power of Fire and the Planetary power of Sun or warlike Mars. Most are made during the Waning or Dark Moon, and it is believed that the last quarter of the Moon is the most effective time for banishings. Almost all of them will also have a bad smell, or at least be off-putting. I remember having a conversation with a customer who was having trouble with a poltergeist. "I tried using some Jasmime oil, but it didn't seem to work," she bemoaned. "I don't think I would use Jasmine for banishing a poltergeist," I started. Another customer leaned into the conversation and said, "Girl you just told that spirit that you like it a lot and you hope it stays!"