Sabbat Magick

SABBAT MAGICK is devotional magick done for the eight NeoPagan holidays of the year: the Solstices, The Equinoxes, and the Cross-Quarter Days that are in between the Solsticesand Equinoxes. While pre-Christian Pagans  observed some but not all of these holidays depending on the region and tradition, modern Pagans have codified the Eight Sabbats into a cohesive system that honors and celebrates the beginnings and peaks of each of the four seasons.  This roots the modern NeoPagan tradition into solidly Nature-based spirituality, no matter how fancy our altars and robes may be, or how climate-controlled and indoors our ceremonies are! For a full article on the meanings and traditions of each of the eight Sabbats, check out my article on Natural Magick Shop Sabbat oils here.